Who are the 5 Most Successful Captains of Cricket World Cup? See all Information & stats

most succesful captains of cricket world cup

Most successful captains of cricket world cup list.

Cricket is a team game. Any team cannot win a world cup with just one player, every player has to come out & perform for his team on different occasions. Here the job of Captain arrives.

Captain leads, strategizes, motivates, and makes critical decisions, shaping the team’s destiny and performance. That’s why the job of captain is very important in the tournament like world cups.

In this post, you are going to know 5 most successful captains of cricket world cup. Here we will discuss only about the world cup winning captains, since this is the prize everyone battles for. 

So let’s get started!

5 most successful captains of cricket world cup.

#1 Ricky Ponting: 2  Trophies

Most Successful Captain of Cricket World Cup Ricky Ponting holding cricket world cup trophy after winning cricket world cup 2007 final.
Ricky Ponting with 2007 world cup trophy

Former Australia Skipper Ricky Ponting is the most successful captain of the cricket world cup till today. During his captaincy stint, Australia won back to back world cup titles in 2003 & 2007. He was the biggest titan during Australia’s golden period from 1999 to 2007.

The captaincy of Ricky Ponting can be judged from the fact that Australia had lost only 2 matches during his captaincy in the world cups. 

He was not only a phenomenal leader, but also an excellent batter for his team during the world cups. Currently, Ricky Ponting is the leading run scorer for Australia in the world cup. 

You should know that Ricky Ponting also holds the record of most world cup wins. He had won 3 world cups, one as a player in 1999 & remaining two as a captain in 2003 & 2007. 

Even in 2011 world cup under Ponting leadership, Australia reached Quarter Finals but eventually lost against India & missed the semi final spot after 5 world cup’s.

World CupMatchesWonLostNo Result/TieResult
20117421Quarter Final
Macthes Captained by Ricky Ponting

#2 Clive Lloyd: 2  Trophies

Former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd holding 1979 world cup trophy in lords stadium balcony after win in final.
Clive Lloyd with 1979 world cup trophy

First world cup winning captain in cricket, Clive Lloyd firmly occupies 2nd place in the list of most successful captains in cricket world cup.

He led West Indies in the first three world cups and helped his team in winning the glory in 1975 & 1979. However, in 1983 West Indies narrowly missed against India in the finals.

West Indies won 15 matches out of 17 in his captaincy in world cup’s. Also, Clive Lloyd was the first batter who hit a century in the world cup final(in 1975 against Australia).

Dominance of West Indies during 1975-1989 can be known from the fact that Clive & his team was unbeaten in the first two world cup.

 Even after 45 years, Clive Looyd is still the most successful cricket captain of all time for West Indies.

World CupMatchesWonLostResult
Macthes Captained by Clive Lloyd

#3 MS Dhoni: 1 Trophy

3rd Most Successful Captain of Cricket World Cup MS Dhoni in black coat-pant holding 2011 cricket world cup next day after winning the world cup.
MS dhoni poses with 2011 world cup trophy

Captain cool MS dhoni led India only in 2 world cup’s but he is still third best captain in ODI world cup history. Dhoni is also the first captain in cricket who won the world cup on their home soil.

In Spite of having big experienced players like Tendulkar, Yuvraj, Zaheer in the team, MS Dhoni successfully balanced the team harmony & made India world champions in 2011 world cup. 

Many Indians fans still get emotional when they relivr the moment of MS dhoni historic six to long on in Finals against Sri Lanka.

In the 2015 world cup, this time MS led a young time in a high pressure tournament, however team India fell short against 2015 WC champion Australia in semi-finals.

MS dhoni is still considered as the most successful cricket captain of all time. Apart from winning the ODI world cup, he also won the T20 WC & Champions Trophy. This makes him the only captain of cricket who has won all ICC major tournaments.

World CupMatchesWonLostNo Result/TieResult
Matches Captained by MS Dhoni

#4 Imran Khan: 1 Trophy

Pakistan former captain Imran khan holding 1992 world cup trophy in one hand & giving speech in the stadium after 1992 world cup win
Imran Khan with 1992 world cup trophy

Pakistan’s first & only world cup victory in 1992 came under the leadership of Imran Khan. 

Imran khan led Pakistan in 22 world cup matches where his team won in 14 matches including an important final against England in 1992.

In the 1992 world cup, Pakistan started very poorly in the tournament, winning only one in the first 5 matches.

But, Imran khan’s powerful leadership empowers everyone in the team resulting in Pakistan winning 5 matches in line & finally winning the world cup. 

The 1992 world cup is always remembered for the superb character shown by skipper Imran Khan throughout the whole tournament. Many Pakistani fans’ eyes still weep when they see Imran Khan’s photo with the 1992 world cup trophy.

In spite of having less winning percentage contrary to other captains, Imran khan is still the 4th most successful captain in cricket world cup, since in his Pakistan had always qualified for semi-finals.

World CupMatchesWonLostNo Result/TieResult
19877521Semi Final
Matches captained by Imran Khan

#5 Alan Border – 1 Trophy

Former Australian Captain Alan Border celebrating after 1987 cricket world cup win by holding the world cup trophy in one hand.
Alan border celebrating with 1987 world cup trophy

First world cup victory of Australia came under the leadership of Alan Border in 1987. Australia was the underdog in that tournament, however they beat England in Finals to clinch their maiden world cup title. 

It was a bit surprising that Alan Border was not the first choice skipper of Australia for the 1987 world cup. Border became the Australia captain after Kim Hughes resigned and later led Australia to the World Cup title in 1987.

In the 16 games Border captained Australia, he won on 11 occasions. During the 1987 world cup, Australia lost only one game and eventually won the world cup. However, Australia narrowly missed the semi-final spot in the 1992 world cup under the Border captaincy.

Border himself admits that “Winning the World Cup in 1987 changed Australian cricket”.

World CupMatchesWonLostResult
Matches Captained by Alan Border

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All stats Credit to : Cricbuzz

Conclusion – Most successful captain of the world cup

Captains like Brendon McCullum, Sourav Ganguly, Martin Corwe etc had a high winning percentage in the world cup, but they fell short in winning that golden trophy. Eventually, Ricky Ponting was the biggest player in the world cup, he won one trophy as player & two as captain. 

Hope you enjoyed this list of most successful captains of the world cup. Drop down in the comment section about your favourite captain. Which player name surprised you in this list? Which captain misses out from top 5 position?

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