5 smallest cricket stadiums in the world by boundary size, bowlers fears bowling

Bowling in the smallest cricket stadiums in world by boundary is a litmus test for any bowler. Bowlers need to be very accurate with their length, line & speed while bowling. Even with a miss-hit a batter can take them over boundaries. 

In this blog, I am going to discuss the 5 smallest cricket stadiums in world by boundary. You will know the exact boundary size of these stadiums & a lot more about these stadiums. Like pitch nature, controversies, key matches and many more.

5 smallest cricket stadiums in world by boundary


I carefully chose only those stadiums that have hosted big international matches. Using my 13 years of cricket experience, I deliberately concentrated on grounds specifically known for their relatively smaller playing areas by players, fans & experts.

1- Eden Park: 55 meters

Huge Crowd watching an international cricket match between New Zealand & India in smallest cricket stadium in world by boundary i.e. Eden park during evening
Beautiful Eden Park stadium in Auckland

With 55 meters of straight boundary length, Eden Park is considered as the smallest cricket stadium in world by boundary. This rectangular shaped ground is located in Auckland city of New Zealand.

Due to its small size, this ground is always considered as a batter’s paradise. You won’t believe that Eden park stadium can be easily fit inside a single Melbourne Cricket Ground with lot of space still remaining. 

This ground has always been involved in many controversies due to its small size. Defending a total of 250 in a T20 match at this stadium requires a high skill level from the bowling unit.

Normally, cricket grounds with boundary length around 55 meters are very rarely used for international encounters. But due to high audience capacity, this world’s smallest cricket ground by boundary is used frequently in New Zealand.

Key Matches in EDEN PARK: ICC CWC 1992 semifinal, ICC CWC 2015 semifinal

EstbStraight BoundarySquare BoundaryCapacityLocation
190055 Meters68 Meters42,000New Zealand

2- Holkar Cricket Stadium: 56 meters

A test match is going on, at world 2nd smallest cricket stadium by boundary i.e. Holkar stadium during morning.
Holkar stadium in Indore

Located in Indore city of India, Holkar Cricket Stadium is the 2nd smallest cricket stadium in the world by boundary. On an average, its square boundaries are 56 meters long but, in some cases, they even shortened to 54 meters. 

Boundaries length along straight & covers are comparatively longer (around 68 meters). 

In limited overs format this ground is batter paradise. However, in test cricket the pitch of this stadium is made to help spin bowlers to maintain the balance of a test match. 

In spite of having a good audience capacity, Holkar stadium is yet to host any ICC tournament match or may not host any in future. 

However, it has hosted many international & IPL matches. 

Virender Sehwag highest ODI score of 219 runs was recorded in this ground. 

EstbStraight BoundarySquare BoundaryCapacityLocation
68 Meters56 Meters30,000India

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3- Sharjah Cricket Stadium: 58 meters

An aerial view of Sharjah cricket stadium during an IPL 2020 match.
Iconic Sharjah cricket stadium in UAE

Sharjah Cricket stadium comes 3rd in the list of smallest cricket stadiums in the world by boundary.  Located in Sharjah, UAE this ground straight boundaries are only 58 meters long.

This ground has a relatively small playing area compared to others in this list, with other boundaries ranging from 62 to 68 meters.

What separates this stadium from other smaller stadiums is the pitch. Sharjah pitch naturally supports spin bowling. In many instances the ball comes very slowly to bat & stays very low.

Thus, even after having short boundaries, batting in this stadium is quite difficult for batters.

However, you have also observed high-scoring encounters in some matches due to flat pitches.

Key Matches in SHARJAH CRICKET STADIUM: ICC T20 World cup 2022 league matches, IPL 2021 Knockout matches. 

EstbStraight BoundarySquare BoundaryCapacityLocation
198258 Meters68 Meters(max.)16,000UAE

4- Edgbaston Cricket Ground: 59 meters

An aerial view of Edgbaston cricket ground, jam packed with crowd during a test match.
Birmingham’s Edgbaston cricket ground during sunny day

The Edgbaston Cricket Ground located in Birmingham, England is one of smallest cricket grounds by boundary length in the world. Here the square & covers boundaries are only 59-60 meters long.

Edgbaston cricket stadium has faced many criticisms from fans, players due to its uneven size, especially during ICC events & Ashes test series. 

During the 2019 cricket world cup, Former Indian captain Virat Kohli openly slammed this stadium 59 meters boundaries. 

You won’t believe that in some matches of Champions trophy 2017, the shortest boundary of this ground was only 42 meters long.

Even in the 1st Ashes test 2023, the side boundaries are only 60 meters wide.

Surprisingly, despite a small playing area, this stadium has 8-9 pitches, thus an important factor behind this small size.

Key matches in EDGBASTON CRICKET GROUND: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Final, ICC cricket world cup 2019 leagues matches.

EstbStraight BoundarySquare BoundaryCapacityLocation
188259 Meters25,000England

5- Arun Jaitley Stadium: 64 meters

No. of people preparing for an ICC CWC 2023 match at the field of an empty Arun Jaitley cricket stadium.
Newly renovated Arun Jaitley cricket stadium of Delhi

As far as the playing area is concerned, The Arun Jaitley Stadium located in Delhi, India is one of the smallest cricket stadiums in world by boundary.

This stadium is somewhat unique. The square boundaries of this stadium are generally 64 meters long. However, boundaries towards long on & long off are only 56-58 meters long. 

On the flip side, some boundaries of this stadium are measured 70-71 meters long.

Gone are the days, when this stadium was a nightmare for the batters, courtesy to its slow pitch. Now, Arun Jaitley stadium has a flat surface like a highway track, making this stadium very desirable for batting.

This stadium is quite historic for Indian cricket. Players like Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, Ashish Nehra etc. have grown by playing in this stadium. 

Key matches in Arun Jaitley Stadium: ICC T20 World Cup 2016 semifinal, ICC cricket world cup 2011 league matches, ICC cricket world cup 2023 league matches and many others. 

EstbStraight BoundarySquare BoundaryCapacityLocation
188370 Meters64 Meters41,842India

Conclusion – Smallest Cricket Stadium in World by Boundary

Clearly, these smallest boundary cricket grounds in world are a nightmare for any bowler. It requires very brilliant skill & accuracy from the bowlers to bowl in these types of stadiums. 

While, batters enjoy these grounds most. It is especially a win-win situation for power hitters to bat in this stadium.

I think the pitch of the stadium should benefit the bowlers to balance the short boundaries.

What do you think? How can ICC balance games in these stadiums? What rule should they bring? 

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