A History of Greatness: The ODI World Cup Man of the Series List till 2023

The ODI World Cup is one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world. Hundreds of players from different countries participate in every ICC cricket world cup, but only one is fortunate enough to feature his name in the ODI world cup man of the series list.

This award is given to the player who has consistently performed at the highest level throughout the tournament. They must be able to score runs, take wickets, and field their best.

In this blog, we are going to look at the complete ODI world cup man of the series list till 2023. You should note that the player of the tournament award was introduced first in the 1992 world cup, before that there was no award in world cups from 1975 to 1987 regarding this.

ODI world cup man of the series list

1. Martin Crowe(NZ) – 1992

1992 World cup Man of the series, Martin Crowe
1992 World Cup Player of the Tournament – Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe, who introduced pinch hitting in world cricket, was the first cricketer who won man of the series award in the history of the ODI world cup. Former Kiwi Captain was phenomenal with the bat in that tournament & scored 456 runs to help his team in reaching the Semi Final. 

In the semi final, Crowe superb innings of 91 runs helped New Zealand to reach a respectable total against Pakistan, but it was not enough to enter into the Final. Crowe largely blamed himself for his team’s loss after that. Crowe’s superb hundred against Australia at the tournament opener was his most memorable innings of all.

He also has the highest average of 114.0 at that tournament with 1 century & 4 half-centuries. Sadly, Crowe passes away at the age of 53 due to a cancer.

Martin Crowe Stats in 1992 World Cup:

MatchRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

2. Sanath Jayasuriya(SL) – 1996

1996 world cup man of the series, Sanath Jayasuriya
1996 World Cup Player of the Tournament – Sanath Jayasuriya

The man of the series of 1996 ODI world cup, Sanath Jayasuriya played a phenomenal role in Sri Lanka’s 1996 world cup glory. Former Sri Lanka skipper was aggressive with his bat at that series & scored very crucial knocks against India, England & Kenya. 

With a strike rate of 132, Sanath scored 223 runs in 6 matches he played. Not to forget his contribution with the ball, scalping 6 wickets in the tournament. Sanath’s best with ball came in the semi final against India where he took wickets of Sachin Tendulkar, Sanjay Manjrekar and Ajay Jadeja. 

Sanath played 6 matches in the 1996 world cup and Sri Lanka won all of them. Interestingly, Sanath was rewarded with the Red Audi car as man of the series award.

Sanath Jayasuriya Stats in 1996 World Cup:

Batting Stats:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

Bowling Stats:


3. Lance Klusener(SA) – 1999

1999 world cup man of the series Lance Klusener playing shot during 1999 ODI world cup in England
Lance Klusener

The South African All rounder, Lance Klusener was awarded with player of the tournament award in 1999 world cup for his incredible all round performance. He played a vital role in taking South Africa to the semis of world cup 1999. 

Klusener ‘s knock of 31 runs off just 16 balls in the semi final had almost made it for South Africa, but eventually the match ended with a tie, resulting Australia advancing to final as per rules. Lance scored 281 runs with the strike rate of 122 & also took 17 wickets in that tournament. 

The all-rounder was also the fourth highest wicket taker in that tournament after legendary Shane Warne. Lance played many crucial innings in the role of finisher mainly against Sri Lanka, England & Zimbabwe. Whenever Klusener got out cheaply, he contributed to his team with the ball.

Lance Klusener Stats in 1999 World Cup:

Batting Stats:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

Bowling Stats:


4. Sachin Tendulkar(IND) – 2003

Sachin Tendulkar receiving man of the series trophy from an old man in 2003 ODI world cup
Sachin Tendulkar with Man of the Series trophy

After 3 consecutive world cups, Great Sachin Tendulkar was awarded with the Man of the tournament trophy in 2003 world cup for his unbelievable batting performance. With 7 half centuries & 1 century in the tournament, the right hander scored 673 runs in 11 innings.

Sachin was quite unlucky as he got out in 90s & 80s quite a few times in that tournament. Sachin’s record of most runs in a single tournament came in this edition & it is yet to be broken. Clearly, Sachin’s batting brilliance was one of the major reasons behind Team India’s road to the final. Sachin also took 2 wickets with the ball during this event.

2003 was his 4th World Cup, and one could say that Sachin tried the hardest that time to get it for his country. And he almost did.

Sachin Tendulkar Stats in 2003 World Cup:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

5. Glenn McGrath(AUS) – 2007

Player of the tournament of 2007 cricket world cup Glen McGrath, waving his right hand during a match of cricket world cup 2007 with smile
Glenn McGrath

Another player featured in the ODI world cup man of the series list is Glenn McGrath for his outstanding bowling performance in 2007 world cup. He was 37 & near his end of career, but his best arrived in his final world cup. His 26 wickets record was not personal best, but a tournament best in most wickets in an edition till 2019.

The Right-armor was so consistent, that he took wickets in almost all matches of that world cup. Courtesy to his lethal bowling performance, Australia became the first & only team till now to make a hat trick in winning the world cup title in 2007.

His 2007 world cup final appearance went perfectly, taking a wicket and conceding just three boundaries in his seven overs against Sri Lanka.

Glenn McGrath Stats in 2007 World Cup:


6. Yuvraj Singh(IND) – 2011

Yuvraj singh holding player of the tournament trophy during 2011 cricket world cup ceremony
Yuvraj Singh

One of the major reasons behind India’s 2011 world cup trump was Yuvraj Singh. Not just with the bat, but with the ball too. The left hander played brilliantly throughout the tournament, made 362 runs and also took 15 wickets.

He scored a century against the West Indies in the tough pitch & also made four fifties. Not to forget his iconic knock in the quarter final against Australia, which helped India to book their semi final ticket. He also contribute in a winning partnership with MS Dhoni in the final against Sri Lanka that took India home to historic win.

When it comes to his bowling, Yuvi was consistent with the ball in almost every match. He also registered a fifer against Ireland. Bow down to Yuvraj Singh, that he played the whole tournament so well even with the symptoms of Cancer.

For his ultimate grit & determination Yuvraj successfully featured his name in the ODI world cup man of the series list.

Yuvraj Singh Stats in 2011 World Cup:

Batting Stats:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

Bowling Stats:


7. Mitchell Starc(AUS) – 2015

Sachin Tendulkar handing over man of the series awards to Mitchell Starc in 2015 cricket world cup presentation ceremony
Sachin Tendulkar handing Mitchell Starc Man of the Series Trophy

Mitchell Starc inswinging deliveries and laser-guided yorkers were the highlights of 2015 world cup. The Australian speedster, not only won man of the series award but also played a crucial role in making his team 5-times world cup champions. He finished the tournament as a joint highest wicket taker with Trent Boult, scalping 22 wickets, most of it were bowled.

Starc was phenomenal from the start & scalped two wickets against England in the opening match. His best performance came against New Zealand where he took 6 wickets, unfortunately Australia lost that match by 1 wicket. Starc stretched this form to the knockout stages and scalped two wickets against each Pakistan & India to book world cup final ticket.

In the 2015 world cup final against New Zealand, Starc bowled Kiwi’s Skipper Brendon McCullum at 0. It was the big moment of the final. In the next 2019 world cup, Starc once again showed his class to the world & broked Glenn Mcgrath record of most wickets in single edition of world cup by taking 27 wickets.

Mitchell Starc Stats in 2003 World Cup:


8. Kane Williamson(NZ) – 2019

Sachin Tendulkar handing over man of the series awards to Kane Williamson in 2019 cricket world cup presentation ceremony
Kane Williamson with Man of the Series Trophy

New Zealand’s dream run in the world cup 2019 final (then we know what happened in the final) can be fully owed to Kane Williamson. Not only Kane’s batting performance adjudged him as man of the series but how wonderfully he led his team throughout the tournament was another reason. With the assistance of 2 beautiful centuries & 2 half centuries, the New Zealand skipper scored 578 runs. 

Williamson always took the responsibility when his team needed him most whether in the semi final against India or in a troubling situation against West Indies. How awesome was the Kane captaincy in the tournament can be realized from the semi final match, where skipper Kane tactics outclass India batting line up while chasing a target of just 232 runs.

It was quite heartbreaking for Kane & his team in the way they lost the final against England. However, Kane Williamson’s performance, tactics and character has won the heart of all cricket fans in the cricket world cup 2019. 

Kane Williamson Stats in 2019 World Cup:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

9. Virat Kohli(IND) – 2023

Virat kohli with Cricket world cup 2023 player of the tournament award
King Kohli with CWC 23 Man of the series award

Kohli lit up whole world cup 2023 with his incredible batting perfomance & finally awarded with Man of the series award. From the match 1 to the finals he was superb consistent for the team.

Apart from winning this award, Virat also broke his Idol Sachin Tendulkar record of most runs in single edition of world cup. Virat scored a total of 765 runs in 11 matches he played with an phenomenal average of 95.62.

The right hander was biggest reason behind the team India unbeaten run to the final of WC23. Kohli also registered 3 centuries in 2023 world cup against Bangladesh, South Africa & New Zealand.

What intresting was that virat also broke sachin record of most ODI centuries(49) by scoring magnificent hundred in semi final at Sachin Tendulkar home ground & in front of him.

Sadly, even after this magnificent WC campaign, team India lost world cup final to the Australia.
Even during post tournament presentation, Virat refuse interview about his performance after winning this trophy. This indicates that personal milestones does not matter to Virat, its the team that he plays for.

Virat Kohli Stats in 2019 World Cup:

InningsRuns50s/100sHSAverageStrike Rate

Interesting Notes from ODI world cup man of the series list

  • It happened 5 times that man of the series award goes to the host team.(1992, 1996, 2011, 2015, 2023)
  • 4 out of 9 times the player who was part of the champion team won the man of the series.(1996, 2007, 2011, 2015)
  • In the history of world cups, only “Australian” bowlers have won the man of the series not by any other nation’s bowlers. (McGrath in 2007 & Starc in 2015)

Frequently asked Questions

Who was the First Indian player to get the title of Man of the Tournament in the ICC World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar was the first Indian player to win the award, and he did so in the 2003 World Cup. He scored 673 runs in that tournament in 11 innings.

Who has won most man of the tournament in cricket World Cup?

As of 2023, no player has won the most man of the tournament awards in the cricket World Cup. Each award has been won by different players.

How is the “Man of the Tournament” award determined in the Cricket World Cup?

The “Man of the Tournament” award in the Cricket World Cup is determined by a panel of commentators & experts who assess players’ performances throughout the tournament, considering factors such as batting, bowling, fielding, and overall impact on the matches.

Can a player who performs exceptionally well in the group stage but doesn’t progress to the knockout stage still win the “Man of the Tournament”?

Yes, it is possible. However, till 2023, all players who won the award were from teams that reached the knockout stages.

Conclusion –  ODI world cup man of the series list

It has never happened in the history of world cup’s that a player won man of the tournament twice. Do you think it can happen in the future? Kane Williamson & Mitchell Starc also lost this opportunity in world cup 2023.

Tell me which player was your favourite among above? Please share your opinion and more interesting facts about this list in the comment box. Thank you for reading to the end. For more interesting content, please join me at cricketpunch.com

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